Borysenko & Partners law firm

is a professional legal assistance for your business

Borysenko & Partners law firm was formed in 2018 by Vladislav Anatolyevich Borysenko, a well-known lawyer in Dnipro, specializing in working with business.

Borysenko & Partners is not just a firm that renders legal services in Dnipro. Our approach differs in the fact that we:

  • make a specialty out of business assistance;
  • always try to provide our clients with the result, but not only to offer services;
  • develop as system-based company, which aim is to help clients in Dnipro, in Ukraine as well as abroad;
  • focus on long-term result while working with our partners and team members.

Why the concepts “legal services” and “legal assistance” are not identical for us?

Our main task is to help our clients.

But what do clients really want? As it is not often you can meet a person who seeing the sign “Legal consultation office” or “Law Firm”, comes to a lawyer or attorney and says: “Please, render me legal services, and lots of it”. Indeed, any client applies for a solution of his problem, but not for services. And this should be understood by any law firm or lawyer, whose whole life’s business is jurisprudence. Here exactly we are coming to the meaning what is legal advice for us. Attorney’s work in the first place is the commitment to customer solution, but not to render him a maximum number of services. That is why the work of our lawyers gets in the vast majority of cases positive reviews. Not every law firm in Dnipro boasts similar results.

How does the Borysenko & Partners law firm differ from other firms that conduct court cases and provide legal services in Dnipro?

We have been working exactly with the business for a long time. Our company always has a lawyer whose consultation will help the customer to solve his problem or to win a lawsuit. This is possible because we are large law firm, and each of our employees specializes in his field (the aspects of work of a law firm are also called “practices”).

Our main practices are the following:

  • paid and free legal advice in Dnipro
  • court cases, interest intermediation of business in economic and administrative courts
  • lawyer assistance in searches and interrogations, maintenance of criminal proceedings on “economic charges” (cases of the white-collar crime category)
  • assistance of a lawyer in the area of corporate law
  • services in the area of tax law
  • consultation on real estate and building construction issues, maintenance of construction and real estate operations
  • assistance of a lawyer upon business audits by regulatory agencies.
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