Alona Soroka

Cорока Алена Сергеевна

Alona Soroka



+38 (050) 200-25-25

The main areas of specialization of Alena Sergeevna are economic and civil law, economic and civil proceedings.

Alena Sergeevna’s professional activities include working experience in large corporations in Ukraine; as a full-time lawyer, Alena effectively provided constant comprehensive support for the business activities of a significant number of enterprises.

Alena has an impressive experience in the field of contractual relations, including in the foreign economic sphere of activity, carries out the development, legal examination of all existing types of contracts and agreements, and also represents the interests of clients at all stages of contractual relations – when concluding, amending, fulfilling, and terminating contracts.

Alena’s practice also covers the resolution of economic disputes arising in the course of activities of legal entities and includes successful pre-trial and judicial settlement of them, including the positive practice of collecting receivables.

Alena prepares claims, answers to claims, statements of claim, reviews of claims, appeals, cassation complaints and statements, other procedural documents, using a proactive approach to choosing a legal position to protect the rights and interests of clients, a creative approach to presenting circumstances and legal arguments.

In addition, the areas that Alena successfully deals with include issues of labor law, the provision of legal advice and participation in the resolution of labor disputes.

Also, thanks to the long-term experience of subscriber maintenance of enterprises, Alena provides services for streamlining the company’s workflow, developing documents that formalize internal relations in the company, including with the aim of preparing for inspections by regulatory authorities, and also provides services to support the passage of such inspections.

Alena Sergeevna is the author of publications and articles on relevant legal topics, has experience in journalistic activities thanks to her collaboration with local periodicals.

She graduated with honors from Dnipropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs and received a master’s degree in law with a degree in Law, constantly and systematically improving her skills and monitoring legal innovations by participating in various trainings and seminars.