About us

“Borysenko & Partners” law firm is the experienced and tight-knit team of legal experts, specializing in judicial assistance of business, formed in 2015.  Wide experience of hundreds of implemented projects and a variety of positively completed for our clients cases is our brand identity.

Anyone may find himself in the hot seat, when judicial assistance is just necessary. It is the business that feels the need of such legal support for the moment. We know that there are different situations, but we rely upon it that there are no circles of despair. And in order to find a way out, it is important to apply to an experienced professional in the field. And to become a real expert is possible only by way of full immersion into the personal profession. Our lawyers and legal professionals put their hearts and souls into our work and that is why they are exclusive experts in their fields.

It is important for us what to do and how 

Our mission

To develop as consistent law firm, the aim of which is to provide to the customer the successful result in every particular case, to promote welfare and realization of personal potential of our team members and to be in the driver’s seat in the market of legal services of Ukraine.

Our values

are fundamental creeds that form our company and help to keep on track


Here are the core values, which we upheld:


You can talk freely with us. Discussing your issues, you shouldn’t think about what you have to say and what you should hide. If a member of our team made a mistake, he tells about it to his supervisory official without delay.


Our priority is to be useful for our clients and to do for them only effective work. We do not offer our clients unncessesary services.  But if we see a possibility to solve another problem of our client, we talk him about it.


We concentrate on active work with those circumstances that are in our sphere of influence (in the terminology of Stephen Covey). “I was told, I did, and I don’t care what will be further on” and “getting anything out of him is like squeezing blood out of a beet” - these phrases are not our pattern of thoughts. Each member of our staff thinks out of the box. He thinks about output of work of the whole team.


We take responsibility and look for an opportunity to achieve the best results. We do not blame for the failures of other people, other companies, judges, “bad” clients, politicians, the state, the global power brokers or supreme forces. When we seek for a reason, we always start with ourselves. We manage to find ways to help the client in the imperfect reality that surrounds us.


We respect our clients and do our best to lead them to success. We respect our colleagues and appreciate them. We respect our opponents - and we are preparing for the confrontation with the utmost seriousness.


We constantly communicate with different people who develop us and help to meet targets not only in Ukraine. Our clients also appreciate us for introducing them to interesting people with whom they can conjointly develop for many years.

Development and innovation

We are especially happy to work with clients who endorse the same values.