When creating our company, we proceeded from the principle “First who, then what” formulated by J. Collins. Time has confirmed the validity of this statement.

We consider that the key success factor of any company is its employees. And we are going out of our way so that our team members not only earn more than the market average, but also have the opportunity to realize themselves and their ideas within the company.

Here are some of the principles that we adhere to in the “Borysenko & Partners” Law Firm:

We access to our team prospective employees of a high professional level, which is determined by the position and nature of the proposed work. This means that the applicant for legal assistant must well understand the difference between the terms “obligation” and “contract”, but at the interview stage he is not required to thoroughly know the judicial practice in cases of recognition of contracts invalid. Gaps in knowledge and skills can be compensated for by motivation and abilities. We identify the presence of motivation and abilities at the interview stage and throughout the training or progression period.

We focus on "bringing up our own personnel." We invest the time of our leading experts in the development of talents of junior employees so that they become key members of our team in the near future. We are ready to teach and be sympathetic to drawbacks with understanding if we see the potential and dedication. But if the mistakes are repeated, we draw the appropriate conclusions.

We are opponents of wage-leveling. We are sure that the one who gives more should receive more. The presence in the team of people, who, by their professional qualities or attitude to the matter, do not fit into it, is disrespect for colleagues and a hindrance in moving the company forward.

The best we call those team members who have a champion character. Employees with a champion character are distinguished by the fact that their driving force is ambition, not a claim. By ambition, we mean the desire to do more to get more. Under the claim is the desire to get more without doing more.

The classification of specialists as “champions” or “stars” is in no way connected with the development of their self-presentation skill. We understand that the work of a lawyer is multifaceted, and polar skills (based on the personal qualities underlying them) rarely come together in one person. For example, introverts are usually better strategists, prepare documents better and are more attentive to details, but without thorough preparation they fail because extroverts speak in court and charge clients with their confidence. The good news is that we need both of them at the “Borysenko & Partners” law firm. Therefore, during the interview, we do not recommend putting on a “mask” of another person. We consider it wrong to “break” people, making mediocre “writers” out of excellent “judicial speakers”, and vice versa. But we are sure that if there is motivation, everyone can develop the necessary skills to a sufficient level. We help our team members accept themselves as they are and work on their development.

The basis of the work schedule in our company is self-discipline and respect for other team members. In the absence of these qualities, you can hardly make a career with us.

We are committed to the concept of mutual benefit (“win-win”) or, as it is also called, double win, which is the basis for the development of professional organizations in the USA and Europe. We are interested in the fact that team members benefit from cooperation with other team members and the company itself, and vice versa. We believe that this is the only way to achieve long-term growth and success for each of the participants of the relationship.

The specifics of our activity is such that each member of the team, regardless of their position, makes a direct and immediate contribution to the success of the company, and its income directly depends on the income of the company and the effective work of the entire team.

Each team member is the face of the company. We highly value everyone’s right to self-expression, but we encourage our employees to also value the reputation of the company in which they work, for example, when publishing any materials on social networks.

Each team member has the opportunity to become a partner of the company. This requires a desire and ability to take responsibility, interesting ideas and perseverance into the implementation.


In the “Borysenko & Partners” Law Firm there are the following positions for lawyers:

The purpose of the internship is to verify a person applying for a position for compliance with the requirements established in the company.

Persons with completed or incomplete higher legal education, and not less than one year of experience in the specialty, or who do not have work experience, can apply for the position of legal assistant. The minimum length of stay on the position is one year.

For the position of a lawyer may apply the persons who:

  • have completed higher legal education;
  • have at least one year of experience in the specialty;
  • able to independently maintain verbal and written communication with the client or his representatives, clearly explain to the client the essence of his problem and the best options for solving it;
  • in practice, confirmed the ability:
  • to be well-versed in the Civil, Commercial, Land, Tax, Criminal Codes, procedural codes, the Labor Code, other legislation regulating economic activity; they know the main provisions of the decisions of plenums of higher courts, the practice of the Supreme Court in matters relating to economic activity;
  • to understand any issue of a legal nature and prepare a legal opinion that meets the requirements of the company, verbal or written advice;
  • to accurately prepare a statement of claim, to independently submit it to the court, and independently to conduct legal proceedings;
  • to analyze the business agreement, identify risks for the client, prepare a protocol for the coordination of disagreements to the agreement.

A person who meets the requirements for a lawyer position and has a valid certificate of the right to practice law can apply for an attorney position.

Partnership status can be obtained by persons who are able to create or lead the direction of the company’s activities, including effectively organizing the work of lawyers, lawyers, assistant lawyers and interns of the company, be responsible to clients for the quality of services, establish marketing services within their area, develop on behalf of the company relationships with current customers and attract new ones. The decision to obtain a partner status is made by existing partners.


We never stop looking for talents!

Therefore, if you are impressed by the principles set out above, you consider yourself as potentially productive or have already formed as a high-class lawyer, and you have a desire to become a member of our team, we are waiting for your CV at