Юридическая помощь при сделках с недвижимостью в ДнепреTransaction support of real property business

Real estate transactions can rightfully be considered as one of the most “insidious” transactions. The content of regulatory legal acts that regulate the possibility of conducting a purchase and sale transaction and transaction on letting of immovable property leaves more questions than answers. A long list of bureaucratic procedures related to the legalization of real estate can confuse any adequate person. A long list of bureaucratic procedures related to the legalization of real estate units can confuse even an adequate person. Even the presence of a notary at the conclusion of a transaction does not always guarantee a positive result. Not surprisingly, according to law enforcement statistics, cases of real estate fraud have long been in the leading position. And these are only the main difficulties in this area.

The signing of the contract of sale of an apartment, a house, commercial real estate is just the top of the iceberg that a person sees. In fact, real estate transactions contain so many nuances that if the purpose of this text was to describe all the existing tricks of such transactions, then its volume would clearly overshadow the “War and Peace”. Studying all aspects of real estate transactions can take more than one year and lots of patience. But why should you  immerse yourself in a sea of theory when there are lawyers who have already gone through all this in practice more than once?

Legal assistance in real estate transactions in Dnipro

We want to offer you an already proven practice! Our law firm offers you legal advice on any matter related to real estate. Our lawyers are ready to clearly explain to you all the pros and cons of the transaction you are interested in and accompany each stage of the transaction.

We will suggest how to check the property unit, what bureaucratic procedures you need to overcome, what transaction conditions to focus on and what sellers are better to avoid.

“Borysenko & Partners” law firm:

  • renders full legal services for the purchase and sales transaction of commercial and residential real estate;
  • provides legal and tax advice on all matters related to real estate transactions;
  • accompanies the lease and sale of plots of land;
  • develops the safest and most inexpensive scheme for adding a property unit to the authorized capital of a legal entity;
  • provides other legal assistance upon the purchase, other acquisition or sale of buildings, structures, installations, integral property complexes, private houses and apartments.

Our company provides legal services regarding real estate transactions and legal support for construction in Dnipro and throughout Ukraine in the following areas:

  1. Legal assistance in the courts on matters related to real estate and construction

Our lawyers have extensive experience in supporting court cases to real estate, land plots and construction. Having studied your question, we will be able to recommend the best way to resolve it and, if necessary, represent your interests in the judiciary.

  1. Legal advice on issues relating to real estate

Our lawyers, experienced in the area of real estate will provide comprehensive information on how to properly structure real estate transactions in order to provide the greatest savings of cost, time and other resources, and how to protect real estate from endeavors by third parties in each case.

  1. Legal audit of real estate units and risk assessment

We will check how legally “sound” the property you are acquiring is, whether it was correctly acquired by the previous owner, whether there were any legal disputes against it, whether third parties have any rights to the object, and also identify other existing or potential shortcomings that may “come out” sideways to the new owner. Based on the results of a legal audit, we will provide a written opinion that will help in communicating with the seller.

  1. Legal support of real estate transactions

We will fully support such operations as alienation (including sale, donation, inclusion into the authorized capital of a legal entity), association, division, change of purpose of an immovable property considering the norms of civil and economic legislation of Ukraine and construction standards.

  1. Legal support of the complete cycle of construction

Our lawyers will develop a financing facility for construction work, arrange a land plot, accompany the receipt of a permit for construction work, the conclusion of the necessary contract and other contracts, the object commissioning and registration of rights to it.

  1. Declaration of ownership of unauthorized completed facility of real estate in Dnipro and over the region

Pursuant to the general rule, only a court can declare the proprietary right to unauthorized constructed real estate objects. However, there are other mechanisms that make it possible to do this, in particular the so-called “building amnesty”. Therefore, our lawyers analyze each case and offer our clients the most effective options to save time and money.

  1. Privatization of real estate, land planning permission

Issues related to the legal registration of rights to land plots do not lose their relevance. The process of privatization and land allotment may seem quite simple, because the law clearly establishes the order, procedure and lines. However, in practice, everything happens differently. In order to exercise rights, it is necessary to go through an infinite number of additional stages, which take a lot of time and efforts. The lawyers of our company, guided by these processes, will be able to achieve the goals with minimal client participation and in the shortest possible time.

  1. Taking a technical inventory and drawing-up of a technical passport

Our company’s specialists will conduct a technical inventory and draw-up a technical passport for a facility. The presence of a technical passport is a prerequisite for transactions with real estate, registration of rights, for the reconstruction or redevelopment of real estate. Only this document fully and comprehensively reflects the status of the real estate. Timely registration of a technical passport will help to avoid many problems in the future disposition of property.

  1. Assignment of cadastral number to a plot of land

The existence of a cadastral number is a prerequisite for any operation with a land plot, as well as with real estate located on it. Our experts will help in the shortest possible time with the formation of the land as an object of civil rights and assigning a cadastral number to it.

  1. Real estate valuing

Evaluation of real estate today is an extremely urgent issue, since taxes and other obligatory payments depend on the market price of the property, which are paid during the transaction with real estate and construction in progress. Due to the fact that our company has certified assessors, we are able to conduct an assessment with the provision of the customer with its results of an official property valuation record.

Borysenko & Partners” will help you to make the right real estate transaction