Cost of services

We are developing as a consistent law firm, so in most cases we use the hourly form of payment for services. For the client, this means that he pays only for those services that were actually rendered to him, and for us – that we can quite accurately understand the volume of provided services, the time expenditures of each lawyer, the efficiency of employees and the effectiveness of individual projects.

When determining the cost rate, we take into account only the net working hours of our attorney or lawyer on a specific issue. Understanding the desire of any customer to plan his budget, in most cases, at the request of the client, we can accurately predict our time costs for a particular business, and, accordingly, the estimated cost rate.


1. What is included in the hour of work of a lawyer / attorney of “Borysenko & Partners” law firm?

The hourly system of payment for services has long been used by lawyers around the world and has established itself as the best way to determine the cost of legal services for both the client and the lawyer.

The billing (i.e. paid by the client) hour of work of our company’s lawyer cannot be compared with the hour of work of a in-house lawyer of the company. The hour of work of our lawyer or attorney is the effective net time that he inserts into preparing a document or analyzing a question.

For example, an in-house lawyer of an enterprise can prepare an opinion on any issue within a week (40 business hours), while taking breaks and ranging far and wide, while in the invoice issued by our company this work will take only 5 hours.

That is why you should not be afraid of the hourly payment system. Moreover, in most cases, we can determine the amount of work after a preliminary analysis of the issue and agree on its cost with the client in advance.

2. What is the cost of legal counseling in “Borysenko & Partners” law firm?

It all depends on the client’s issue. If this is a preliminary legal consultation on a matter that does not require additional study of documents, special legislation or judicial practice, then the consultation of our lawyer or attorney is paid only on the basis of the time spent communicating with the client. In some situations, we can provide legal advice for free.

In the case when the issue requires additional study or it is a question of preparing a written opinion, the price is determined on the basis of the time actually spent on studying the issue and preparing the corresponding conclusion. The cost of such consultation can be agreed in advance.

3. How much will it cost to conduct my judicial proceedings?

Of course, all court cases are different, so more or less to accurately determine the amount of work in the case is possible only after a preliminary analysis of the issue.

Nevertheless, based on our experience, the average amount of work in an economic or administrative case in the court of first instance in Dnipro is 8-12 hours, which corresponds to the equivalent of 520-780 US dollars.

If the lawsuit takes place in another city of Ukraine, then only business trips are additionally paid.

4.How high are the prices for legal services of Borysenko & Partnerslaw firm in comparison with the cost of services of other lawyers or law firms in Ukraine?

The prices for legal services in our company are comparable with the cost of services in other well-known law firms of Dnipro, as well as with the cost of the services of private practice lawyers in the field of economic, administrative and criminal law.

At the same time, we have a definite advantage over the latter, since we have a team of professionals, each lawyer or legal expert in which is a specialist in his own field of law. Together we know and manage much more than one lawyer, no matter how good professional he is, and we always have the opportunity to look at the issue from different perspectives and objectively assess all the opportunities and risks.

If we compare the cost of our company’s services with the prices of law firms and lawyers from Kiev, then our prices are significantly lower, since the cost of an hour of work for a lawyer practicing in Kiev usually starts at 100 euros, and in leading law firms 200-300 euros are considered the normal price per hour of work of a lawyer.

5.What are the terms and procedures of payment for the services of “Borysenko & Partners” law firm?

Our company’s services are usually paid upon delivery based on the price agreed in the contract. For some types of services, we can require a prepayment.

6.Can I somehow reimburse my expenses for a lawyer at the expense of my opponent in a lawsuit?

Yes. The legislation of Ukraine provides an opportunity to compensate for the costs of legal assistance in litigation at the expense of procedural opponents in case of victory in a court case. We are actively taking this opportunity to reduce our clients’ legal assistance costs.

7.Do you have any discounts and how can you reduce the cost of your company’s services?

To significantly reduce the cost of the hours of work of a lawyer or attorney of our company in comparison with the base rates indicated below, by concluding a subscription legal service contract. The amount of discounts and prices depend on the number of hours of work that will be included in the monthly volume. Moreover, according to our rules, the duration of such an agreement should be at least one year.

Standard hourly rates of “Borysenko & Partners” law firm

Type of judicial assistance Amount of payment

(for one hour of work)*

1. Analysis of questions posed by the client, study of documents; selection of judicial practice; verbal and written advice, preparation of legal opinions; actual support of operations with corporate rights and real estate; all other services except as specified in paragraphs in paragraphs 2 and 3 $50
2. Legal assistance of a lawyer in court hearings in economic, administrative and civil cases; preparation of written statements in terms of matter (statements of claim, reviews of statements of claim, responses to reviews, objections, explanations of third parties), other procedural documents $65
3. Legal assistance of a lawyer in criminal matters (support of interrogations, searches, other procedural actions; representation before law enforcement officers; legal assistance in court hearings) $80


* Please note that for the convenience of customers located outside Ukraine, the amount of the fee is indicated using the equivalent of the US dollar. Payment of fees by resident clients of Ukraine is carried out in UAH at the rate of the National Bank of Ukraine.



  1. The billing unit is 0.5 hours (30 minutes). If the services are provided outside the office of Borysenko & Partners LF, payment is made in accordance with the above rules, but at least one hour of work should be paid.
  2. When providing services during non-working hours (on non-working and public holidays, which are defined in Article 73 of the Labor Code of Ukraine, as well as on working days from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Kyiv time), if the services are out of hours provided at the request of the client or for reasons that objectively make it impossible to provide them during working hours, a coefficient of 1.5 is applied to the cost of an hour of work.
  3. When providing services directly by the executive partners of “Borysenko & Partners”, if the client asks for the provision of such services directly by the executive partner, a coefficient of 2.0 is applied to the cost of services.