Борисенко Владислав Анатольевич

Vladyslav Borysenko

Executive Partner, attorney

Legal management, law of obligations, corporate law, white-collar crime

About myself: I am the head of the company and the expert on work with economic contracts, counteraction to hostile mergers and acquisitions, accompanying support of searches, interrogations and other investigative actions on business
Дмитрий Алексеевич Новицкий

Dmitry Novitsky

Partner, attorney

Legal support for real estate transactions construction activity, credit transactions and mortgage services

About myself: I have extensive experience in land matters, residential, commercial and corporate real estate at all stages of project development
Анатолий Олегович Заднипряный

Anatoliy Zadnipryanyi


Corporate, competition, taxation law

About myself: I have considerable successful experience in representing legal entities in litigation, as well as in supporting agreements with corporate rights and real estate
Бабенко Сергей Николаевич

Serhii Babenko


Criminal law and support of investigative activities

About myself: I have many years of experience protecting clients in criminal proceedings, both at pre-trial and trial stages
Давыдов Николай Сергеевич

Mykola Davydov


Support for white-collar crime criminal proceedings

About myself: I have a wealth of experience protecting clients at any stage of pre-trial economic crime investigations, including analysis, situation assessment, protection strategy development, instant emergency counseling
Cорока Алена Сергеевна

Alona Soroka


Legal support of corporate activities, law of obligations, employment law

About myself: I have considerable experience in large corporations of Ukraine, experience in complex support of many enterprises

Mykhaylo Grytsenko


Economic and civil law, private international law and legislation of series of countries of the European Union

About myself: I have successful experience in supporting transactions with a foreign element, as well as foreign economic operations of enterprises registered in Ukraine
Наталия Валентиновна Давыдова

Nataliia Davydova


Administrative and criminal law, criminal proceedings

About myself: I am an expert in matters of temporary access to things and documents, return of seized property, cancellation of seizures of funds in the accounts of legal entities