Registration of LLC

Our lawyers will accompany the registration procedure of a limited liability company “on a turnkey basis”


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Registration of PE

Our lawyers will explain the difference between LLC and a private enterprise, and will suggest you which form of activity will be better for you. We will accompany the official registration of a private enterprise as well.


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Registration of sole proprietorship

Our lawyers will conduct an official registration of entrepreneurial activity of a private entity, will help to determine the form of taxation and will answer all the questions


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Introduction of amendments to USR

Our lawyers will introduce the following amendments into unified state register: • change of director
• change of incorporators
• change of legal address
• change of SIC
• change of supervisory directors
• change in amount of charter fund
• introduction of amendments to a charter


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The cost of service includes


Choosing a company form


Choosing a taxation system


Preparation of the set of documents for a registration


Accompanying the execution of documents at a notary


Introduction of company information into the USR


Obtaining an extract from the USR

Business registration in Dnipro – rely the start of your business on genuine professionals of “Borysenko & Partners” law firm

We can talk with certainty about the fact that the lawyers of our company are top-ranking specialists in the business registration of different legal corporate forms, in particular, limited liability companies, private enterprises, as well as sole proprietors (registration of self-employed individual or registration of sole proprietor). We know how to set up LLC or SEI, and we will do it for you without any problems. You can also order this service online – our company will contact you as soon as possible for an initial free consultation. The remarkable thing is that according to open source data, LLCs are more than PEs in three times. And SEIs are even more.


In order to make it easier for you to decide whether to open LLC or PE, let’s briefly mention their similarities and differences:

  1. The registration of a private enterprise and a limited liability company is governed by the same statutory provisions;
  1. the activity of a limited liability company is more regulated by law than the activities of a private enterprise;
  1. The executive body of a private enterprise may not be included.

Lawyers and attorneys of “Borysenko & Partners” LF will advise you for free on choosing the most appropriate legal form of your business. We briefly focused on how to set up LLC and PE. In the context of such a service as the registration of sole proprietor, here it is important to understand that opening of sole proprietor in Ukraine is not a business registration. Sole proprietor should not to be confused with PE (private enterprise). Sole proprietor is the form of business organization of a physical person, it is convenient in the case when you don’t want to open LLC or PE. It would seem that opening LLC, as well as a private enterprise, is a troublesome business. And this is true, because the procedure requires the passage of almost nine circles of hell and not according to Dante, but according to the provisions of the range of laws. And in the case of official registration, you should be mentally and physically prepared to meet dissatisfied faces of representatives of our valiant bureaucracy with the phrases “Business registration is actually in another window, but now we are going to have lunch”. So how to you open LLC without wasted nerve cells?


Stages of official registration of LLC and PE:

  1. the choice of the name of the future enterprise; if you decided to open LLC (similarly when registering a PE), you need to make sure that this name is unique and no other company has it, you can check this through the Unified State Register;
  2. selection of activities according to the state classifier; We draw attention to the fact that there can be only one principal type of activity and it is important to determine it precisely;
  3. determination of the charter capital, the full amount of which must be paid within six months after the state registration of the enterprise;
  4. selection of a taxation system is also one of the key points; we recommend selecting this in advance, before you started to open LLC, PE or SP.

“Borysenko & Partners” law firm has many years of experience in official registration of enterprises in Dnipro and in Ukraine.

The lawyers of our company do not consider this service as very complicated, because each employee from the “Borysenko & Partners” team literally remembers the entire list of documents required for this procedure and can open LLC, if the expression may be tolerated, “in your sleep”. At the same time, we note that the absence of at least one “piece of paper” already cuts off the path to introduction of the enterprise into the Unified Register.


So, what documents are required for the registration of LLC as one of the most common forms of doing business in Ukraine?

  1. A completed application according to the statutorily prescribed form in which you state to the registrar your decision to open LLC;
  2. The original or a notarized copy of the decision of the founders on the creation of the LLC (minutes of the general meeting);
  3. The constituent document of the future enterprise, that is, its charter.

This list is a simplified version for an overview of the procedure. In total, the current version of the law contains a list of 16 documents. As you have already understood, if you decide to open the LLC, then the competent preparation of documents requires time, as well as legal knowledge in this matter. We are no longer talking about the psychological component that enters into the picture when contacting representatives of various government bodies, especially local tax offices. Opening LLC with our help is much easier than doing it yourself. As for sole proprietor, the situation here is a bit simpler. So, when registering a sole proprietor, you do not need to submit a charter to the state registrar, since sole proprietors operate without a charter.  Also, the registration of SP does not imply the preparation of the minutes of the general meeting, because, as we already wrote above, in this case we are not talking about the registration of the enterprise. In order to open SP in Ukraine, you only need a passport and an identification number. That’s why, registering SP is usually cheaper than opening LLC.

In the framework of providing such a service as an official registration of an enterprise in Ukraine, in particular, registration of LLCs, private enterprises, sole proprietors, “Borysenko and partners” LF render free assistance to clients in such key moments as:

  1. the choice of the most relevant form of business entity before you finally decide to open LLC, or any other company type;
  2. councelling on the selection of the most optimal taxation system at the time of registration of a PE, LLC, SP or any other company type;
  3. preparation of a complete package of documents necessary for opening LLC, LLC, registration of sole proprietor or any other incorporated and unincorporated businesses;
  4. the immediate carrying out the procedure of the official registration of an enterprise or a sole proprietor is a direct contact with the public registrar, tax and other state agencies, financial institutions;
  5. obtaining all the necessary documents confirming the official registration of the LLC or other company, official registration of sole proprietor.

“Borysenko & Partners” LF guarantees its clients a full additional support for the official registration of the enterprise for free (that is, all additional services and legal advice are included in the agreed price). Also, our lawyers will conduct the registration of a sole proprietor (individual entrepreneur) for you within one day, and, very importantly, they will help you decide on the taxation system upon registration of a sole proprietor.


Rely the start of your business on genuine professionals!

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