Legal School

Borysenko & Partners Legal School is a unique educational project of “Borysenko & Partners” law firm for entrepreneurs, top managers and in-house lawyers starting their career.

We bet you heard about accounting courses. And if you are engaged in business or are part of the management team of the enterprise, you may even have visited them or thought about it. Indeed, it’s very useful for a manager to know the basics of accounting and tax legislation in order to speak the same language with the chief accountant.

What about legal courses?

We are sure that it is equally important for CEOs, managers, accountants and young lawyers of enterprises to know the practical legal aspects of doing business in Ukraine. That is why we created the Borysenko & Partners Legal School project, within the framework of which we explain in an accessible language the complex things that Ukrainian entrepreneurs and enterprise lawyers face in practice every day.

The key word here is in practice. We do not give lectures and do not tell abstract things, but share the experience that we have gained by solving problems and helping hundreds of our customers, the vast majority of which are enterprises in the field of production, trade, agriculture and information technology. If you do not have a law degree or do not work in your specialty, then our law school will not make you a lawyer, but it will greatly improve your understanding of the legal aspects of doing business, and to one degree or another you are guaranteed to apply the acquired knowledge in your company and in everyday life.

And besides this, during our classes at the law school, you have the opportunity to ask those questions that are relevant specifically for your business.

What can our law school offer to those students who already work in the field of jurisprudence, but who do not yet have much experience, or want to expand their specialization?

This may sound paradoxically, given the number of law graduates who annually replenish the already competitive labor market, but for many years working in the field of legal services, our team is constantly experiencing a shortage of young lawyers. We know that this is also the case with other law firms.

The curriculum in most universities in Ukraine is too academical. Even those students who study diligently and graduate from their alma mater with a red diploma receive a very broad liberal arts education, which, although it makes them erudite, helps little in solving applied legal problems.

Thus, the mission of our law school is:

  • to give owners and top managers of companies knowledge and skills that will bring them to a new level of understanding of the legal aspects of business and help to find the right solutions for current problems;
  • to expand and deepen the knowledge and practical skills of lawyers who have recently begun to build their careers;
  • to create a community, the participants of which will be able to exchange experience, useful relationships, develop and help each other in solving not only legal issues.

The following are answers to common questions about Borysenko & Partners Legal School.

1. What will the training in Borysenko & Partners Legal School give me?

If you own or run a business:

  • studying at our law school will greatly improve your understanding of the many legal aspects of the business that you regularly encounter. Which ones – read below;
  • you can ask our best specialists the questions that are bothering you at the moment, and hear their answers to the questions of other students of the school;
  • you will better understand your internal lawyers, and they will better understand you;
  • the format of regular trainings within the school will give you the opportunity to meet interesting people who will become your partners or even friends.

If you are a lawyer who begins a career:

  • we guarantee that with us you will learn more about the real work of a lawyer than after several years of study at a university;
  • you will significantly increase your competitiveness in the labor market, therefore already at the initial stage you will be able to claim higher wages than your peers;
  • you can indicate data on school attendance in your resume, and present a certificate of graduation at an interview;
  • we will offer the best students of law schools a job in our law firm if we have the appropriate vacancies.

2.What is the format of the training?

Training takes place exclusively in practical terms. We teach you how to solve the real legal problems that the company faces in the course of its daily activities. We also structure and teach to put into practice the knowledge that our students received in universities.

The duration of the course is 2 months. The courses take place every second Saturday, in the format of trainings, as well as in the form of independent work. The maximum number of students in one course is 15.

3. Who can become a student of Borysenko & Partners Legal School?

There are no age limits or other formal restrictions. But first of all, we recommend that entrepreneurs, CEOs, top managers, accountants and young lawyers with experience of up to two years be trained.

4. What exactly will I learn in Borysenko & Partners Legal School?

In our law school, we only provide knowledge that is directly applicable in practice, in particular:

  • how to check counterparties for reliability, work with registries, specialized applications and chat bots;
  • how to analyze business contracts, see tricks used by counterparties, prepare protocols for negotiating disagreements on contracts;
  • how to reduce the likelihood of the occurrence of debtor indebtedness and how to collect it correctly;
  • what are the nuances associated with the registration of enterprises and the content of their constituent documents; what innovations of the law “On limited and additional liability companies” can be applied to optimize business processes; how to issue a withdrawal from a legal entity; how to act in corporate disputes; what are the schemes of “corporate raids” and how to counteract them;
  • how to properly execute transactions involving the land and other real estate; what is the procedure for privatizing land plots; how to register rights to real estate and protect it from encroachments of third parties;
  • how to respond to requests from the tax office for the provision of documents; what to do if the SFS classifies your enterprise as “risky”; how to act during a tax audit and how to appeal its results;
  • how to act in criminal proceedings under “economic clauses”; how to respond to requests from law enforcement agencies; how to prepare the company for a search and how to behave correctly during the search itself.

5. Who conducts the classes?

Classes are taught by the best practicing lawyers of the “Borysenko & Partners” law firm and experts invited by our company. Our trainers are those people who are contacted by in-house lawyers of enterprises to solve the most complex problems.

6.What is the cost of training?

Although Borysenko & Partners Legal School is mainly a non-profit project, tuition at school is paid. We did this in order to cover our expenses, as well as to limit the audience to those who really understand the value of the knowledge gained.

The cost of training is 5,500 hryvnya for a course of six lessons (trainings). For students who register and pay for the course in advance (before a certain date, which will be indicated in the announcement) discounts are provided.

7.How can I sign up to Borysenko & Partners Legal School?

Training courses are held 2 times a year, in spring and autumn. We inform about the specific start date for training on our website in the Blog section and on the company’s Facebook page. As the number of listeners in groups is limited, we welcome early bookings. You can register or declare your interest in studying at the Law School by e-mail or by phone: 050 200-25-25