Dissolution of LLC

Our lawyers will carry out the liquidation proceeding of a limited liability company on a turnkey basis, including accompaniment of government audits and carrying out all necessary registration acts

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Dissolution of PE

Our lawyers will accompany the procedure of dissolution of a private enterprise, down to the getting an extract from USR about its cessation.

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Dissolution of Sole Proprietor

Our lawyers will carry out an official registration of the dissolution of entrepreneurial activity of an individual and, if necessary, will accompany a tax audit

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Corporate restructuring

Our lawyers will explain the difference between the forms of restructuring: amalgamation and consolidation, dissolution, spin-offs and transformations. They will advise on an acceptable form of restructuring and tell you how to optimize the taxation of an enterprise using restructuring. We will represent the company in state agencies and will accompany all stages of the restructuring

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The cost of service includes


Preparation of documents for dissolution or reconstruction of an enterprise


Accompaniment of government audits


Determination of the composition of the dissolution commission


Approval of balance sheet at liquidation


Registration of dissolution of an enterprise


Getting an extract from USR

Dissolution of the company in Ukraine: Judicial assistance of the lawyers of “Borysenko & Partners” LF

In the current conditions the market competition of services and goods is literally growing at an exponential rate. Therefore, it is possible that the business may lose its profitability. No less common is the situation when it is necessary to close LLC or other legal entity in connection with a change in the structure of the business. In this case, a regular question arises:

How to close down an enterprise in Ukraine, in particular in Dnipro?

Here we give operating procedures for the dissolution of the company in Ukraine by the example of LLC. We expressly indicate that, in simple phrase, the liquidation of LLC is regulated by more than one law, therefore the liquidation of an enterprise requires extensive knowledge of both civil and commercial laws.

Dissolution of LLC step by step:

  1. The adoption by the LLC of a decision on the dissolution of the enterprise, must be documented by the minutes of the general meeting of founders. Apart from the decision of “closing” of LLC, the minutes must contain a liquidation plan:
      1. the appointment of the liquidator or the composition of the liquidation commission of the enterprise, determining the terms of reference of such a body and its location;
      2. terms of liquidation proceeding of an enterprise;
      3. procedure for the conduct of the liquidation
      4. the period for creditors to present their claims.

    It is worth paying careful attention to the execution of a decision on the liquidation of an enterprise, and it is better to request legal assistance. The smallest nuance can undermine attempts to close a legal entity without losing nerve cells.

  1. Making an entry about the beginning of the liquidation of the enterprise into USR
    Legally, the liquidation proceeding of LLC starts from the moment the relevant registrar makes an entry in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs, and Public Associations (USR) based on the protocol of the general meeting, which was mentioned above.
  1. Removal from the register in local tax office and pension capital fund.
    You can close LLC only after an unscheduled tax audit and, as a result, after an obtaining a tax clearance certificate and other obligatory payments. In addition, the Pension Fund will also not leave the company in liquidation unattended and will also check for debts.
  1. Closure of bank accounts.
    During the procedure of “closure” of LLC, such a legal entity must have only one current account – a liquidation account.
  1. Making an entry on the dissolution of a juridical person in the USR.
    This is the final stage of the dissolution of the enterprise. After all the necessary documents have been submitted to the state registrar, the company is officially considered as “closed”. In addition, the law also provides for the possibility of canceling the termination of an enterprise. For this, it is necessary to submit to the state registrar a correctly executed decision of the general meeting of the founders of the LLC on canceling the decision on dissolution of a juridical person.

“Borysenko & Partners” law firm provides both integrated legal assistance in the liquidation of an enterprise in Dnipro and advises clients at each stage of the procedure. You can order a preliminary free consultation on the liquidation of legal entities online through the form on our website. The lawyers of our company will provide you with all the necessary information on the basis of your initial data on the company, and will also name the specific price of this legal service.

The closure of LLC should be entrusted to professional experienced lawyers of our company. Our long-term experience in the field of corporate law is confirmed by the positive feedback from our clients in Dnipro as well as in other cities of Ukraine. Legal assistance of Borysenko & Partners law firm will save your time and money!

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