Vladyslav Borysenko

Борисенко Владислав Анатольевич

Vladyslav Borysenko

Executive Partner, attorney


+38 (050) 200-25-25


My name is Vladislav Borysenko, I am the executive partner of “Borysenko & Partners” Law Firm.

Prior to the creation of “Borysenko & Partners” LF, for four years I managed a well-known law firm in Dnipro. During this time, the company has grown more than three times in terms of volume of income, the number of employees and clients, entering the top 5 law firms of Dnipro according to national ratings.

Step by step I began to realize that I could fully realize my ideas and give an opportunity for members of the team to open up only by creating my own law firm. I am sincerely grateful to those customers and employees who followed me. Such a step on their side for me means that I simply do not have the right to let them down.

It is my strong conviction that in today’s competitive world, the key to success in any business is specialization. It may be wider or narrower, but it should be. No one can be a specialist at the same time in everything and provide “comprehensive legal services for comers and goers”, unless he has lived for 400 years (although taking into account the current speed of changes in legislation and practice this would also hardly help).

Therefore, our lawyer company works exclusively in its specialization – legal assistance to business. In turn, each of our lawyers specializes exclusively in their own field of law, for example, in contractual, corporate, criminal, tax law, as well as in matters related to real estate. Our lawyers are maximally immersed in their business, and therefore they are confidently guided by the modern trends that have developed in their areas and have high-quality business connections. On this basis, they more effectively satisfy the needs of the client compared to one lawyer of “general specialization”. At the same time, combining the knowledge and experience of our lawyers in certain branches of law, our lawyer company has the opportunity to offer a fairly extensive list of options for a comprehensive solution to the client’s problems.

As a lawyer, I have been working for a long time in the field of contract law, corporate law, as well as in the field of criminal legal protection of business. I managed to implement many complex and non-standard projects. Each project had its own goal, but everyone had one idea – to give the client exactly what he wants, and not to sell him “legal services” more expensive. For more than ten years of intensive practice in legal support of business processes, I managed to win more than 850 million hryvnas for clients in courts, to return to their rightful owners control over large enterprises that became victims of the so-called “corporate raids”. As a lawyer, I directly accompanied dozens of searches at company offices and several hundred interrogations on “economic clauses”.

And the biggest reward for me is by no manner of means a fee. The best reward is a result that is not a shame to present to a client, therefore “Borysenko & Partners” LF does not just provide legal services, we give clients a result!