Private enterprise
“Kobo Plus”

A company operating in the field of repair of locomotives and railway carriages

Project Info

Client Kobo Plus
Skills Representation of interests in economic courts

Project Description

Frankly speaking, our acquaintance with “Borysenko & Partners” law firm turned out to be a blessing for us!

One day we found out that our company has a status of defendant in the trial in the commercial court. This situation forced us to start looking for the lawyers to defend our interests in the court. At this point, we have received a phone call from the sales manager of “Borysenko & Partners” law firm who offered us a legal aid in the case. Our case was tough one, so we did not really expect a pleasant final. Moreover, the plaintiff was one of the biggest companies in Ukraine.

Our trial was lead by the attorney Anatoliy Zadnipryanyi, the main specialist in legal practice of corporate and tax law in “Borysenko & Partners” law firm. He handled the difficult technical issues associated with the repair of the locomotive and found the opportunity to file a counterclaim in the case.

As a result, out of almost 2 million UAH that our opponent had intention to obtain from our company, they managed to gain only 300 thousand UAH. At the same time, the court have satisfied the counterclaim of our company in the amount of 1.2 million UAH. Therefore, in the end, we not only did not lose the case, but we have obtained a stomping victory, and the court case turned from a real trouble into the huge success!

In addition, the defendant due to the court decision covered almost all of our expenses for the services of the “Borysenko & Partners” law firm, thus our expenses for the conducting the case were almost on zero point.

We express huge gratitude to the “Borysenko & Partners” law firm and personally to the attorney Anatoliy Zadnipryanyi for the excellent work and impressive result!