А lighting company

Lighting company with 20 years of experience, Member of the International Association of Lighting Design (IALD)

Project Info

Client Expolight
Skills Legal support of economic activities, representation of interests in disputes with state bodies

Project Description

«Expolight» Private Enterprise is a lighting company with 20 years of lighting experience, member of International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD). Our experience consist from more than 1500 completed large and medium projects, both in Ukraine and abroad. Among our works, external and internal lighting of such objects as «TETRIS HALL» Apartments, «MOST-CITY» Mall, «PASSAGE» Mall, «CASCADE PLAZA» Business center, «MENORAH» Culture and business center in Dnipro and a lot more.

Nowadays it is an essential thing to cooperate with a reliable legal adviser. We have been cooperating with the lawyers of the «Borysenko & Partners» Law Firm since 2015, and they have repeatedly provide us with legal advices and legal help in various matters. I appreciate the professionalism and responsible approach of this company.

In case where we face legal issues, we do know whom to turn to!