Audit company

An audit company providing services to large industrial and commercial enterprises of Ukraine

Project Info

Client Elinada
Skills Representation of interests in the courts of Ukraine and the International Commercial Arbitration Court, legal registration in the matter of corporate rights and real estate

Project Description

I am the director of the audit company «Elinada», which have entered on the market of audit services in 2003. The clients of my company are large production and trading enterprises of Ukraine.

Clients often face legal issues, and in such cases they ask me to recommend lawyers who can help in these situations. Considering the fact that providing this kind of recommendations I become responsible in front of the client and my reputation, I can recommend only law firm that I am confident in. At the present time, I know only one such company – «Borysenko & Partners» law firm.

I know Vladyslav Borysenko for many years and I can describe him as a responsible and competent lawyer whom I personally can trust. During our cooperation, we provided help to lots of clients and realized many difficult projects.

I recommend «Borysenko & Partners» law firm as a professional, reliable and conscientious law firm.